C-Ski 560
C-Ski560 wh

C-SKI 560 Centre Console Sport Fisher

C-SKI 560 boasts one of the best rides one the ocean! 

This unique boat has a hull with a deep-vee which gives the boat an incredibly soft ride and to top it all, is still very stable on anchor.

The C-SKI 560 is a spacious boat and is wonderful and comfortable for the
recreational fisherman, or handles a team of spearfisherman with all their
gear and catch. 

C-SKI 560 is utilised along the South African coastline in the commercial fishing sector whereby it can take a large weight of fish, also there are C-SKI 560 boats in Australia where divers/fisherman like to travel long distances and experience a great ride.  A versatile boat suitable for ocean going boatman.


•  5.6 Metres long
•  2.3 metres wide
•  All fibre glass bulkheads and deck
• Composite Transom
•  Self Draining deck
•  Separate fuel hatch, fish hatch, dry hatch, anchor hatch
•  Console (extra hatch space) or
•  Wheel House (with extra hatch space plus has built in roof

Optional Extras:

Stainless Steel Roll Bar
Stainless Steel Bow Rail/Grab Rails, and Various rod Holders

Outboard Motors:
2 X 50 HP upto 2 X 85 HP outboard motors are suitable for this boat.

Fully galvanised, break-neck, built in tail lights, Breaking axle, 15 inch rims & tyres, mudguards, Licenced trailer

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